12-18 September 2005 Kiev UKRAINE

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belongs to the series of Ukrainian conferences in analytical chemistry established in  1979 by Ukrainian chemical society and chemical division of Ukrainian Academy of Sciences. There were six Ukrainian conferences in analytical chemistry:

  1. October 1979, Kiev

  2. October 1985, Uzhgorod

  3. December 1992, Kiev

  4. September 1995, Kiev (devoted to 90th of A.K. Babko)

  5. September 1998, Uzhgorod (devoted to 90th V.A. Nazarenko)

  6. May 2000, Kharkiv (devoted to 100th M.P. Komar')

AC&CA-05 is a 7th conference in analytical chemistry in Ukraine. Academician Anatoly Babko was one of the founder of the series. 15 October 2005 there will be 100 anniversary of Professor Babko and so the conference AC&CA-05 is dedicated to his memory.

Main goals of the conference are:

  • Survey a status of modern analytical science in Ukraine against the global one,

  • Renew international collaboration of Ukrainian analytical chemists and educators,

  • Approach positions of scientists and analytical engineers.

All main scientific topics of analytical and bioanalytical sciences will be covered by the conference programme including methods and objects of the analysis, separation and pre-concentration, sample preparation and analysis intensification, history and teaching methodology. Special attention will be given for hot topics, including sensors and multisensor systems, pharmaceutical analysis, lab-on-a-chip and miniaturization, analytical technique for detection of a potential terrorist objects.

The conference will consists of several symposia:

The conference will consist of oral and poster presentations. Oral presentation will be classified on:

Plenary Lectures - The length of the lectures is 50 min (40 min. presentation plus 10 min. discussion)

Keynote Lectures - The length of the lectures is 30 min

Lectures - The length of the lectures is 20 min:

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