12-18 September 2005 Kiev UKRAINE

Special symposia
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  • Christian Amatore (France) Investigation of oxidative stress at single cells with ultramicroelectrodes

  • Werner Engewald (Germany) On-line coupling of SPE-HPLC-MS/MS for fast trace analysis of pesticides in drinking and surface water

  • Jacques Fraissard (France) Analytical application of Xe-NMR

  • Klaus-Peter Jäckel (Germany) Quality management in the industrial analytical laboratory - do we get our money's worth?

  • Qinhan Jin (China) Some new advances in developing microwave plasma torch(MPT) spectrometry

  • Marco Mascini (Italy) DNA biosensors

  • Roger M. Smith (UK) Temperature - the forgotten variable in HPLC

  • Shin Tsuge (Japan) Recent advances in polymer analysis by modern pyrolysis-gas chromatography mass spectrometry

  • Anthony P F Turner (UK) Receptors and sampling systems for nanodiagnostics

  • Yuri G. Vlasov (Russia) Multisensor systems "electronic tongue" based on low-selective sensors and multiway methods of received data treatment

  • Sergey V. Volkov (Ukraine) Heterogenic-heterophase coordination chemistry

  • Yuri A. Zolotov (Russia)Analytical chemistry in the formed Soviet Union: leading scientists and their contribution


  • Antonina Alemasova (Ukraine) The improvement of the performance of ET AAS by metal complex modifiers

  • Valery Antonovich (Ukraine) Speciation analysis of Materials Based on inorganic compound of Lanthanides

  • Avram B. Blank (Ukraine) Site of analytical chemistry in line of natural sciences

  • Bezhan Chankvetadze (Georgia) Recent developments in enantioseparation of chiral drugs

  • Gary D. Christian (USA) Analytical Chemistry:  A Walk Through Time

  • Gennady Evtugyn (Russia) Electrochemical Biosensors for Pesticide Determination

  • Constantinos A. Georgiou (Greece) New analytical methods for the quality assessment of olive oil

  • Viktor Georgiyevskiy (Ukraine) General lines of pharmaceutical analysis development in Ukraine

  • Yoshitaka Gushikem (Brazil) Sensors Based on Carbon-Ceramic Materials

  • Vadim M. Ivanov (Russia) The 90-th Anniversary of the Heterocyclic Azocompounds as  Analytical Reagents

  • Jiri Janata (USA) Novel sensing materials

  • Jan Åke Jönsson (Sweden) Analytical use for liquid membrane extraction

  • Bo Karlberg (Sweden) Capillary electrophoresis and flow injection analysis

  • Yuri Kholin Robust and unbiased estimation in chemical data treatment

  • Irina Kubrakova (Russia) Microwave treatment in chemical analysis

  • Jan Labuda (Slovak) DNA based chemical toxicity electrochemical sensors

  • Peter Lieberzeit (Austria) Templated nanostructured polymers as sensitive Materials

  • Duncan Macquarrie (UK) Mesoporous organo-silicas - preparation and applications 

  • Gabor Patonay (USA) Forensic Application of Leuco and Near-Infrared Dyes

  • Aleksandr A. Pupyshev (Russia) Acting mechanism of inorganic chemical modifiers in electrothermal atomic-absorption spectrometry

  • Anatoly Revenko (Russia) Modern state and prospects of the development  of X-ray fluorescence analysis in Russia

  •  Igor Rybalchenko (Russia) General Strategy for Identification of Toxic Chemicals in Environmeht Samples

  • Anatoly Saprykin (Russia) Analysis of High Purity Materials by AES and MS Methods with Pre-concentration of Micro-Elements

  • Colin Self (UK) Overcoming the challenges of immunodiagnostics for small molecular weight analytes

  • Tatiana Shekhovtsova (Russia) Enzymatic methods in environmental and biological analysis

  • Oleg Shpigun (Russia) Modern liquid chromatography in medical analysis

  • Sergei Shtykov (Russia) Organized liquid media and principles of supramolecular chemistry in chemical analysis

  • Güler Somer (Turkey) Trace element determinations in alcoholic drinks by using differential pulse polarography

  • Makoto Takagi (Japan) Strategy and program toward developing cut-edge analytical instruments and devices. A new initiative by Japanese government

  • Luisa Torsi (Italy) Organic thin-film transistor sensors

  • Viacheslav I. Vershinin (Russia) Metrological uncertainty estimations in qualitative analysis

  • Anatoly B. Volynskiy (Russia) Modern atomic absorption spectrometry: achievements and future prospects

  • Alain Walcarius (France) Electroanalysis with mesostructured organo-silicas

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