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Professor Anatoly K. BABKO is a famous Ukrainian chemist, founder of modern analytical chemistry in Ukraine. Academician, D.Sc., PhD, head of the analytical chemistry department at Kyiv State University.


Directions of his scientific research:

  • chemistry of complex compounds in solution

  • complexes in the photometric analysis

  • luminescence in analytical chemistry

  •   pre-concentration of metals by ion-exchange,

  •   liquid-liquid extraction and co-precipitation.


Babko is author of more then 400 scientific articles and 9 monographs and textbooks.

 A Short Biography


In October, 2005 the Ukrainian scientific community will celebrate the centenary of the birth of the outstanding Ukrainian scientist, Anatoly K. Babko for his expertise in analytical chemistry and in the chemistry of complex compounds.


The scientific work of Anatoly K. Babko was conducted mainly at the Kiev State University where he chaired the Department of Analytical Chemistry as from 1944 to 1960, after when during 1960 to 1968 he retained the title of Professor. His scientific duties were performed primarily at the Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, where he headed the Department of Analytical Chemistry from 1941 to 1968.  


The scientific interests of Anatoly K. Babko ranged widely, especially in regard to fundamental aspects of analytical chemistry, applications of organic reagents in inorganic analysis, chemistry of complex compounds (including heteropolyacids), analytical applications of complex compounds in photometry, luminescence and chemiluminescence, ion chromatography, and liquid-liquid extraction.


A significant achievement of Anatoly K. Babko was in the area of systematic physicochemical research of complex compounds in solution based on their photometric properties.  Anatoly K. Babko showed the stability constants of complexes to be highly important, and demonstrated the relevance of the step-wise character of the dissociation of complex compounds.


In developing theoretical problems he always thought about practical uses of results in the national economy.  His theoretical and experimental results were applied to developing numerous methods of analytical determination of elements in complex natural and technical situations, and also he also used the principles for improving the university curriculum and to generate new special courses.


Anatoly K. Babko published more than 450 scientific works and 9 books that were translated into several languages.  It is noted that his scientific heritage continues to this day – as testified by data of the Institute of Scientific Information (ISI).  Within the website (http://isiwebofknowledge.com) for 2000 to 2004 (35 years from Anatoly K. Babko’s death) there were citations to more than 100 of his articles.  His monograph of Physical and Chemical Analysis of Complex Compounds in Solution was quoted 250 times in the same period.


A talented teacher, tutor and lecturer he delivered lectures on general and special courses for university students, and trained his students to expertise of high rank.  He supervised 50 PhD and 9 DSc theses, and founded the Kiev School of Analytical Chemists.


As seen by his numerous scientific seminars, meetings and conferences Anatoly K. Babko was a good organizer.  He was a member of the editorial board of the Analytical Chemistry Journal, Ukrainski Khmicheski Zhurnal, being its editor-in-chief from 1958 to 1968.  His highly professional annual reviews in the development of analytical chemistry during 1957-1967 were published in Zavodskaya Laboratoria – a time of important developments in analytical science not only in Ukraine but also in the USSR.  He also contributed much to the organization of analytical services in Ukraine.


Anatoly K. Babko was born on October 15th, 1905 in the province of Tomsk (Russia) to a railwayman’s family.  In 1908 the family moved to the Ukraine, where he graduated from secondary school in 1921.  In 1922 he was admitted to the Chemistry Department of the Kiev Polytechnic Institute, and in 1928 he was accepted there for PhD study under the supervision of Professor N.A. Tananaev.  In 1930 he became a lecturer at the Kiev Institute of Food-processing Industry, and in 1934 he was appointed senior lecturer in the Department of Analytical Chemistry at Kiev State University where he worked for the rest of his life, working also from 1937 in the Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences.


Anatoly K. Babko obtained his PhD degree in 1937 and the degree of DSc in 1940.  In 1943 he was promoted to full professor at Kiev State University.  In 1963 Anatoly K. Babko was elected a member of the Analytical Chemistry Commission of the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC).


During the Second World War Anatoly K. Babko and his students were evacuated to Ufa (Russia) to work for the defensive industry.


1948 saw Anatoly K. Babko elected as Corresponding Member to the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, and in 1957 he became a full member (Academician) of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.  In 1966 he was awarded the title of “Honoured Scientist of Ukraine”.  He also held the awards of “The Order of Lenin” and “The Order of Honour”.


In celebrating the centenary of the birth of Anatoly K. Babko we appreciatively recall his diligence, scientific, pedagogical and organizing talents.  His active and purposeful character will always feature in our strikingly kind memory of Anatoly K. Babko – who through all his life maintained a love and loyalty to science.


Vladimir N. Zaitsev, Miroslava M. Tananaiko

More information about Professor A.K. Babko can be found here (in Ukrainian)


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